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Thank you for visiting CCM's new Membership Portal, which allows you to manage and update your municipal job and contact information in CCM's membership database, as well as register to attend upcoming CCM workshops and events. In order to take advantage of our Membership Portal, you must have at least one email address on file with CCM that is unique to you. To begin searching our database for your information, click "Get Started" below and enter your current municipal email address in the box on the following page. If this email address is in our database, you will be able to set a password and begin using the Membership Portal to ensure CCM has the most up-to-date contact information for you on file. If your search turns up empty, search for any email addresses you may have shared with CCM over the past few years. Anyone using a shared email address between others in their municipal department or board/commission should contact Alison Geisler at 203-498-3029 or ageisler@ccm-ct.org to provide a unique email address to be used as your CCM Membership Portal username.




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